SYNOPSIS: Britain 1956. The new Soviet leaders, Bulganin and Khrushchev, are visiting Britain. Conspirators plot to murder them,, blaming it on the British, and restore Stalinism in the USSR. However, their chief accomplice becomes a serial killer threatening themselves as much as their opponents. Jonas Forbes is hired as security for the visiting leaders but soon finds himself chasing a killer with a personal score to settle. He is both helped and hindered by the efforts of the rival Soviet Intelligence organisations, the GRU and the KGB, as well as the British police.

EXTRACT: 'It took three hours before anyone realised the figure slumped in an obscure pew wasnít engrossed in private prayer but was dead. It took a further two hours to discover Michaelís deposit of a radio in his office. Why? It was only next day that a guard admitted letting Petty Officer Stevens pass through his check-point with an UNCHECKED radio in a box. No, he hadnít checked it because they were both in a hurry. So what had been in the box? If it wasnít empty something must have left R.N. premises illegally. Inspector Taylor suddenly had a nasty feeling. A murdered Petty Officer, a missing item from the R.N. base and an approaching visit by two Russian leaders made an unwelcome combination. Should he call in the Yard? Rather do that than be sorry afterwards, perhaps after disaster.'

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