SYNOPSIS: 1968. A British hitman has been hired for a US contract. Reluctantly HM Foreign Office hires Jonas Forbes to foil the plan or be the fall-guy. But who is the target and who is the hitman? In Britain Jonas faces danger from London gangs and Vanessa Holmes suffers tragedy. In California the hitman has unexpected problems. In San Francisco Jonas, helped by Inspector Harry Callaghan, tackles the conspiracy. But will they succeed?.
EXTRACT: '“Lieutenant,” Jonas smiled. “I’ve been sent out here to find an Englishman.”

There was movement from his right and a strong voice hissed, "You've got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? “ There was a pause. “I guess we don’t have that many Englishmen around here, Lieutenant, but if he looks like this guy he should stand out like an alien from outer space.”

“Be easy on the guy, Harry,” laughed the Lieutenant. “He’s just got off the plane and I shouldn’t think he’s got your natural charm.” He grinned up at Jonas. “Don’t get worried about Harry. He plays no favourites and hates just about everyone – spics, micks, negroes….”

“What about the English?”

“Limeys are the worst.” Inspector Harry Callahan drew himself to his feet so that he towered over Jonas. There was a smile that was not unfriendly. “With a name like Callahan, it couldn’t be anything else.” He went to pass Jonas but first turned back towards the Lieutenant. “I’ll be off, keeping our streets safe, Lieutenant. I’ll leave you to read the riot act to our visitor and teach him how to walk carefully in this fine city of ours. I don’t want to have to scrape him out of some alley. I do have my standards.”

Then he was gone and Jonas was left alone with the Lieutenant and immediately relaxed.'

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