SYNOPSIS: March 1973 and Nixon’s Government is plagued by the Watergate Scandal as the President struggles to avoid exposure of a decade’s misdeeds. An English diplomat, Peter Northwood, is murdered by the Mafia - surely by mistake. Jonas Forbes, notorious for his ‘direct approach’ to solving crime, is sent by the UK Foreign Office to help the MPD and FBI in their competitive investigations. He’s not welcome and soon realises he can trust nobody. Quickly he’s sheltering a witness from the Mafia. But, thanks to leaks, a hitman is in desperate pursuit – knowing failure will mean his own death. Fearing betrayal the Trafficante famiglia orders a thorough ‘spring-clean’ by the subordinate Gibellina famiglia. Meanwhile, within the Gibellina famiglia, Vespasianu, heir apparent, is ready to use both his sister, Cettina, and extreme violence to further his ambitions. Cettina is determined to strike back and looks for help both inside and outside the famiglia. Will Jonas offer her help in return for betraying Peter’s murderer? How can she pit him against her brother without destroying her family? Jonas disappears - to the irritation of the MPD and FBI, the alarm of the Gibellinas and the despair of friends and family back home. Who will come out on top?
EXTRACT:  'Gesu stepped on to the escalator with that slightly nervous feeling he’d had since nearly falling the last few steps down one in London ten years before.. No real injuries – except to his pride battered by the contemptuous looks from the natives. He took the first couple of steps and then felt somebody rush past him. Before he could even respond the figure, from the back looking as if he’d just come back from Woodstock, was already at least six steps ahead, scampering down the escalator. Why did youngsters have to dash around everywhere these days and then he realised that sounded like his old dad in Messina. He hadn’t thought of that fool in years, didn’t know whether he was operating small-time in the backstreets there, trying to play the wiseguy. Suddenly he felt odd...... Not that bloody gun-deprivation again!........ He tightened his grip on the handrail....when had he put it there?........ He felt unsteady....... This was ridiculous.....He was sure he was about to fall........ Not again....... He looked ahead at the half-dozen travellers in front...... Would he tumble into them?......... Then the pain came and he knew he would. Gesu died as he pitched forward over the last steps, making an impact on his immediate environment which quickly rippled out beyond the confines of Dulles International Airport. A public-spirited citizen roughly yanked Gesu’s body aside and rushed on to catch the flight to Buenas Aires; a more considerate lady shrieked, really out of horror, but with the effect of summoning two airport employees. One bent to try and make the fallen man comfortable while the other summoned assistance – and then noticed the blood.'

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