SYNOPSIS: Egypt 1956. An Israeli plants a key document in Karnak before he dies. Both Israel and Britain want to recover it - as well as Egyptian Security! Jonas Forbes is sent out and gets there first but he's pursued southwards by both expected annd unexpected enemies. At home he's largely ignored: in the desert he's helped until reaching the end of the road in Sudan.

EXTRACT: 'He paused, listening for any sound of detection; but the Egyptian night, at least in the vicinity of Karnak, was quiet. He concentrated on reproducing the image of the inscription in his head, not one of his natural skills. The cache should be immediately above and slightly to the right. Jonas's fingers slid up the wall and passed over what was Sheshonk's left hand; it continued to glide upwards until it caressed the conqueror's right fist (in the picture shown to Jonas in London it had been holding some kind of mace). Now Jonas's fingers spread out more widely and the little finger slipped into a hole. This must be the cache.'

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