SYNOPSIS: 1959 Britain. Shah Reza Mohammed is visiting London guarded by Savak. Plots to assassinate him centre on both religious fanatics and agents of Moscow. MI5 entusts Jack Sharpe, helped by Jonas Forbes, to protect the Shah. Nobody seems to trust anybody else, with good reason. People, such as Fatemeh Asgari and Peter Raven, get caught in the crossfire, after the most dangerous menace of all emerges from the shadows.
EXTRACT: As he lifted the Mogin-Nagant PU rifle from its case he caressed it, like a lover demonstrating affection for the loved. It was almost brand new, constructed last year at Ishevsk - shown by the ' 59' stamp. He carefully removed the PU scope from its chocolate-brown container and using the ball-and-socket arrangement fixed it to the barrel. He took his time even though it was limited. He checked the bolt action and then inserted the 7.9257mm Mauser cartridges. Jalal Qazwini paused as he felt the faint noise from the crowd slightly grow. Were guests beginning to arrive? Hed better check. He wasn't using a support at all but had intended to fire through a small gap in the balustrade immediately over the down pipe in a gutter. He'd rest the rifle there and use the balustrade as cover. In the meanwhile he lay on his back and looked up at the sky - and his past.

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