SYNOPSIS: Britain 1960-1. Mao Zedong has ordered Chinese Intelligence (CID) to penetrate the British Labour Party and CND to secure a split between Britain and its NATO allies. However. The plans are betrayed before a Western spy is exposed and goes on the run. Jonas Forbes is recruited by MI5 to investigate the threat and help secure its defeat. He is helped by poor CID organisation in London. Before its over Jonas becomes embroiled with beautiful Chinese twins – one an agent and one not - as well as being confronted by Triad threats and arousing the interest of the Soviet Embassy.
EXTRACT: 'He was also amazed at the variety of costume and appearance – particularly among the females. Males appeared dominated by beards, scruffy jeans and dishevelled hair. Females mainly wore jeans but also much in evidence were long dresses, full dresses and short dresses with a variety of tops – and their hair was both long/short/medium and blonde/black/red and any colour to be seen in the rainbow. Some were overweight, perhaps hoping to shed a few pounds on the way, and others were underweight, possibly aiming to improve muscle-tone on the venture. Most were friendly, chattering among themselves or returning the 'good-natured' comments of bystanders in kind. A few marched in silence as if attending a funeral – one group actually carried a coffin, covered with the CND emblems. Specialist groups demanded attention with banners proclaiming their allegiance, so ‘Anarchists of Liverpool’ preceded ‘Liberals of the Ribble Valley’ with no feeling of hostility and little impact on spectators. One or two scowled at bystanders as they marched, stoking up the venom for when they reached Trafalgar Square and the expected police cordons. Several had adopted a form of guise, whether to hide their identities or to make a political comment was unsure. A clown marched beside a devil who appeared to have left his pitchfork behind so he could hold up his tail clear of his legs. ‘Adolf Hitler’ marched in the uniform of the USAAF and alongside him strode ‘Harold Watkinson’, the Minister of Defence – unlike ‘Adolf’ complete with label to assist recognition.

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