SYNOPSIS:  1962 Uruguay. Suddenly everybody wants to find Martin Bormann, Hitler’s most trusted subordinate – Britain’s Foreign Office, the CIA, the Israeli Mossad (determined to hunt down runaway Nazis), the secret Odessa organisation (determined to protect runaway Nazis), and a mysterious German girl. Jonas Forbes aims to beat them all to Bormann and fails miserably, largely because of unexpected events - but then the expected rarely becomes reality for Jonas Forbes.
EXTRACT: ‘She'd walked into a blind alley, realised her mistake, turned and found herself in danger. There was no way out and she was cornered by two men who'd been following her for some time and now decided they had their chance. She'd taken the wrong turning, perhaps over-concentrating on the increasingly scruffy street-map in her hands. It was early evening, that brief interval when streets had grown emptier after the 'working population' had gone home and the 'playing population' hadn't come out for their fun. She sensed their aim was not mere robbery. Would it be rape or rape followed by murder? Behind her was a wall and in front two thugs less than ten yards away. She kicked off her shoes, grabbed one and reversed it, preparing to use its heel as the only weapon she had.’

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