SYNOPSIS: Britain 1963. The Establishment becomes rocked by the ‘sex-and-espionage’scandal centred on John Profumo and Christine Keeler. Both are being threatened so Jonas Forbes is hired to protect them. He stumbles on murder and acquires the basis for future nightmares involving zombies and sewers.
EXTRACT: '“How could I possibly tell you – it’s so long ago?”

“Well, you’re going to have to, before you go,” demanded DCI Herbert and thrust a large sheet of lined paper in front of Christine, followed by a green fountain-pen. There was silence. Christine looked at the blank sheet and it appeared to look back. Its emptiness almost screamed at her, “Fill in some names! It won’t hurt anybody. They probably know anyway, remembering the number of people they must have talked to. They’re only interested in men who might have secrets.” She picked up the pen. After all she was going to get good money for her ‘Confessions’ anyway, Paul had assured her of that. Certainly the police wouldn’t be spoiling the publication by releasing any names, would they? She began writing down names, starting with Profumo and Ivanov. When she’d written down half-a-dozen, DCI Herbert asked her to add ‘P’ against the name of any man who’d given her money during the time she lived with Ward.'

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