SYNOPSIS: 1964 USSR. Jonas Forbes is hired to escort a dissident, Svetlana Ivanova Petrova, out of the USSR soon after the fall of Khrushchev. But things aren't quite what they seem. Contacts of the dissident are arrested but Jonas and his charge manage to elude the authorities. The KGB experience a battle for internal control. The chase continues across the Finnish border and climaxes in violence but its not all over yet.
EXTRACT: ' The helicopter came to a halt and started to hover as the AK-47s prepared to rake that stretch of trees into which Sofiya had disappeared. Suddenly Tamas stood up while all attention was focused on the trees, carefully aimed his shotgun at the almost stationary helicopter and pulled both triggers. He'd been really aiming at the pilot but at that limited range the effect of two shells was far greater. One smacked into the pilots head but the other smashed through the open window, through the roof and blew the rotary arm apart. There was a loud bang, a scream of terror and the machine plunged twenty metres towards the ground. Tamas had scarcely started to run away when the helicopter's impact produced an explosion which tore it apart and transformed the remnants into a mass of flame.'

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