'Tudor Turnabout

SYNOPSIS:  Henry VIII, desperate for a male heir, destroys his first marriage and then marries five more times. Two ministers (Wolsey and Cromwell) are overthrown and martyrs from both Conservative and Reformed religous trends suffer - as does any opponent of the King's will for change.

EXTRACT:  '"Today...in the city of St. Peter, His Holiness will adjoin the Curia for the season. This is a Roman court, sitting under Roman laws and acting for His Holiness. Accordingly, in deference to the custom of the Roman Curia, I adjourn this court until..."

Wolsey didn’t catch the date. It was unimportant. He saw the King glance angrily round at Rochford, who stepped forward and whispered in the King's ear. They both scowled at Wolsey.

Meanwhile Campeggio rose stiffly, unmoved by the murmuring, shocked audience. He ignored the protest of the young proctor, who’d immediately jumped to his feet and shouted this was all an outrage. He avoided looking at the place where the King now sat in a rigid state of disbelief, a deep flush slowly beginning to spread over his features. Now everyone near the King was shouting the action was a travesty of justice, demanding a decision NOW. Wolsey caught the booming tones of the Duke of Suffolk.

"It was never merry in England while there were cardinals among us."

Wolsey was roused. He must speak – put his case to Henry. Campeggio mustn’t be allowed to leave England. If he could but get the Italian alone he'd soon make him change his mind. Time. He needed time. And if he was to have that time, he must act now. Before the poison spread too far. Wolsey hurriedly left the dais and, amid the hubbub, crossed to join the group surrounding the King.'

END-NOTE EXAMPLE:   293. William Whittingham (c.1524-79) was an Oxford scholar who fled overseas after 1553. He married the sister of John Calvin and published the ‘Geneva Bible’ (1560) which proved very popular with English Puritans until ousted by the King James Version in the 17th century. The Geneva Bible is sometimes called the ‘Breeches Bible’ because of its rendering of Genesis 3:7. There is no evidence Whittingham ever met John Rogers!

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