Isle of Intrigue

SYNOPSIS: 979-981 France. Ethelwulf & his followers land in Jersey, still hunted as the murderers of King Edward. They soon become involved in mystery, corruption and violence in a small community. Whether it’s a monastic election, fossil discovery or murder Ethelwulf’s interference brings enemies – not least from England. Drastic action proves essential for survival.
With extensive Factual End-Notes.
EXTRACT:  'Thorolf resented the push in the back but was helpless. Two fingers gingerly reached down and took hold of the chain. He tugged and it gently began to slide out from between the fingers of the corpse. Suddenly, it stopped, something was caught between the dead man's fingers. He went to turn in protest and the irritated whisper of Swjart broke in. "You'll 'ave to use them bleedin' fingers of yers to do the job!" There was a sneering laugh. "After all they've been in nastier things than that!" Thorolf wanted to use his fingers to squeeze out life from that sneering voice, but at the moment he had to do what he was told. Nervously he edged his fingers between those of the corpse to create a space. As he gently pushed, the obstacle gave way and the amethyst tantalisingly slid out into freedom - but the dead man's fingers snapped shut on those of Thorolf. A low gasp of terror escaped from Thorolf's lips which was answered by a cry from behind them. Pierre turned and saw a dim figure half-sheltering behind a granite cross; the figure staggered off, gibbering in terror. Pierre cursed and ran off in pursuit. Whoever or whatever was the witness must never blab what had been seen.'
END-NOTE EXAMPLE:  27. There is evidence of the regulated sale of ale in Lent during the 8th century but the structure of alehouses & how business operated is obscure.

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