Each Part is set sometime between 979 and 1000 with Ethelwulf 'the Wanderer' as the hero and is firmly set in the period.

979          Pt.1. Ethelwulf is blamed for the murder of his king at Corfe in Dorset, is outlawed and flees overseas.
979-981   Pt.2. Ethelwulf and his men intrude into the crimes, intrigues and threats facing Jersey under Norman rule.
981-984   Pt.3. The exiles arrive in Ireland, plagued by plots and wars between the native Irish and the Vikings.They are expelled.
894-985   Pt.4. The newcomers are dragged into a blood-feud, which involves figures from the sagas. Again they are exiled.
985-986   Pt.5. A brief stay in the area of the Baltic Sea involves Ethelwulf in fighting both the Wends and the Swedish King.
986-988   Pt.6. In Finland Ethelwulf joins in the exploitation of the natives before abandoning the oppressors.
988-990   Pt.7. Flight into Russia proves a poor escape and the exiles move on with tragic consequences.
990-998   Pt.8. In the Byzantine Empire enemies multiply and the effect leads the exiles into utter disaster.
998-1000 Pt.9. Alone and half-mad Ethelwulf seeks salvation in the millenarianist hysteria of Jerusalem.

In many ways this epic is a moral tale of violence and a search for Redemption which comes in an unexpected way.

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